It’s no secret that fans have been begging for Assassin’s Creed to see the series go to Japan.

However, Japan is set to come to fruition. We managed to end up with Asgard as well as several other mystical locations in Norse mythology before Japan.

If gamers wanted an exciting adventure into the history of Japan they could play the PlayStation-exclusive Ghost of Tsushima to get their fix. But, we can’t help to get excited about how Assassin’s Creed developed by Ubisoft would tackle this period.

Now we don’t need to imagine too hard as YouTuber TeaserPlay has created an incredibly stunning concept trailer in the Unreal Engine 5 that depicts how insane a Japan-based game would be.

Check it out below:

There’s no denying it, it looks stunning but a Japanese Assassin’s Creed could remain nothing more than a dream for the future. Reports released earlier this year suggest that at least one of the Assassin’s Creed games that are currently in development will be set in Baghdad.

However, reports from Eurogamers and Bloomberg claim that this game will be a standalone instalment returning to the franchise’s stealth-action roots and IS NOT the next ‘main game’.

Last month, Ubisoft confirmed it will be “unveiling the future of Assassin’s Creed” in a special Livestream event that’s been scheduled for September. We don’t know exactly what this ‘future’ will be but we assume it will be the announcement of their new game. But don’t put all your eggs in Japan’s basket.

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