Meet Micheal, a model which has been created by researchers who’ve used data from global reports about the impact of a ‘gamers lifestyle’.

Researchers have warned that if we gamers don’t start to look after ourselves we could experience Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and varicose veins in 20 years time., the Canadian site that conducted the study said: “Everyone meet Michael, a visual representation of the future gamer. From sleep deprivation and dehydration, to lack of vitamin D, digital eye strain and “PlayStation thumb” — these are just some of the physical implications of spending hours online, in a gaming chair, away from sunlight and physical activity.”

It’s a little hard to read the fine print on the image so we listed them below:

Indent in Skull – Due to pressure and overuse of headphones

Dark Circles – Due to sleep deprivation and excessive screen time

Hunched Back – Due to bad posture

Obese – Due to food intake and lack of exercise

Pale Skin – From vitamin deficiency

Playstation Thumb – Excessive use of controller causing repetitive strain injury

Nintendo Arthritis – New type of arthritis causing calluses and ulceration from excessive keyboard/controller use

Varicose Veins – Caused by poor blood flow due to sitting for long periods of time

Bald Patches – Lack of sunlight/Vitamin D

Blood Shot Eyes – Staring at the monitor

Hairy Ears – Due to lack of air circulation

Rounded Shoulders – Due to lack of movement

Eczema – Brought on by stress

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Excessive use of keyboard and mouse

Blisters on Fingertips – Excessive use of keyboard and mouse

Trigger Finger – Repetitive strain injury

The World Health Organisation now recognises video game addiction as a psychological disorder. Researchers used data from WHO amongst other major health organisations when creating Micheal.

There are ways you can avoid some of the ailments shown and that is by exercising and stretching frequently. Take breaks from your screen and focus on objects at different distances to prevent eyestrain, use a chair with proper support and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Do you agree with the prediction of what gamers will look like in 20 years?

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