SSX Tricky is 20 this year, feel old yet? Since the release of the legendary PlayStation 2 snowboarding game, it has always been considered one of the best extreme sports titles, and rightly so, fans have been beckoning for a remaster for years.

With some remakes there’s potential to have good news and bad news; good news, Steve Rechtschaffner who had the title of Executive producer for the first three SSX Tricky game is working on an all-new arcade based sports game, which will share some similarities to SSX Tricky. The bad news, it’s not a remaster of the iconic SSX Tricky.

When speaking with Laptop Mag, Rechtschnaffer of Supernatural Studios shared the title of the working project is Project Gravity. It’s going to be a free-to-play online snowboarding game. We can expect the same kind of silky smooth mechanics you remember as well as a heap of modernisations like increased social features and course building.

Rechtschaffner and his team plan on releasing the free-to-play game with smaller amounts of content and then build on this foundation incrementally with “course elements, locations, characters, live events and a variety of other fun and unexpected goodness.”

Understandably, fans want it to be a carbon copy of SSX but, Rechtschaffner explained it’s a different beast at the end of the day.

“A lot of things that excite us are creative extensions of experiences that we would’ve liked to create at that time, but couldn’t,” he shared. “But what we are working on is not rooted in the world of SSX. We’re not nostalgic in the sense that we want to bring something back. If we were, we’d be working with EA to create a reboot of SSX. It’s not that at all. We don’t want to be beholden to people’s expectations of where that goes. But we do want to make this arcadey, amazing-feeling, very accessible, competitive and fun game.”

So it looks like it’s not the SSX Tricky we all long for but, it’s been so long that this could just be the game we’ve been waiting for.

The team planning on getting “something out there that people can start experiencing sooner rather than later”.

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