For those eagle-eyed or keen-hearing Fortnite players who have noticed weird noises across the Fortnite battle royale map, you’ll be pleased to know the source of the noise has been found. Turns out they are coming from the main tower in the centre of the map.

Profound Fortnite leaker HYPEX shared that the weird noises can be heard all over the Fortnite map at any location and are actually originating from the tower but, as of now, we aren’t sure why. There has to be some role it’s playing but when it will take effect is yet to be discovered.

HYPEX created a video that has all the sounds, it seems to reveal some dinosaur type noises and some sort of painful screaming. Have a listen below and let us know what you think.

The source has been discovered but why the tower is emitting all of these weird noises and what they mean for Season 6 is anyone’s guess. We will just have to play it by ear and wait for new announcements and leaks to unravel this mystery.

It’s safe to say that the Foundation has a massive role to play in the narrative of the game moving forward but who knows for how long. 

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