With Rockstar not really sharing any updates about GTA VI we’re lead to believe it will be a while before it’s finally released. All we have to go on is a rumour that GTA VI was “early in development” as of April 2020 which makes it very difficult to predict when the release date will be. We hope to hear more about the game by the end of 2021 and potentially a release date in 2022. Although it’s frustrating to wait such a long time for the next install of GTA after Cyberpunk 2077 release we don’t mind waiting if the game will be bug-free.

According to a Reddit post of a 4-chan (found by GameRant) which has since been deleted stated that Rockstar is in the process of creating a remaster of the first Red Dead Redemption, released back in May 2010 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The leaker had shared a lot of details about the much anticipated GTA game, from a target release to story length and more which you can see below.

Details of the GTAVI 4chan leaker AMA that got taken down
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The remake of Red Dead Redemption would explain the delays of GTA VI and has certainly perked up the franchise’s fanbase! Both of the Red Dead games won awards when released in 2010 and 2018. We believe RDR2 is still one of the most visually impressive games out there so their engine is certainly capable of an incredible RDR remake.

Xbox One vs Xbox Series X graphics comparison.

We’d certainly buy it, and we’re sure you would too and if you’ve never played a RDR we couldn’t recommend a game more. BUT, and yes that but is in capitals because it is a big BUT, this is in no shape or form confirmation of the remake. Leaks aren’t always true and are easy to fake so please don’t take this as gospel. For official news of these two games, we’ll just have to wait patiently, one thing is for certain when there is any news we’ll cover it so make sure you’re following us!

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