Red Dead Online gives players the chance to posse up with friends to complete missions and reak havoc throughout the wild west. But for some, this isn’t enough, these players are Easter egg hunters. Easter eggs can come in a variety of shapes and sizes but predominantly they stick out against the world they’re in and may take knowing the item to understand.

Red Dead Easter Eggs

7/7 | The Tiny Church In The Swamp

While travelling through Bayou Nwa, the majority of players will stick to the roads as alligators will be waiting amongst the grass and swampy waters.

Just outside of St. Denis, you’ll find a miniature church. It’s located close to where Lakay is; a fair bit from the road. You will have to crouch to get through the door, it’s an interesting location to check out. Plus, you can take some pretty cool posse pics.

6/7 | Red Harlow’s House

Located between Riley’s Charge in New Austin and Armadillo, you will find a decaying farm named Two Crows. At first glance, it doesn’t look like anything special but if you’ve played Red Dead Revolver you may notice something. Two Crows is based on the original home of Red Harlow.

For those who haven’t played RDR, in the beginning, the house is burnt down and both of Red’s parents are killed. They’ve even added a tombstone next to the main house.

5/7 | Western Movie + Name of a Bounty Hunter Reference

When first introduced to the role of bounty hunting, a woman rides to the sheriff’s office with a wagon. She states that her profession is a bounty hunter and asks if you’d like to become one giving you a rundown of how the role works and what you’ll need to do.

You aren’t actually given her name throughout the game but she is referred to as the “The Women With No Name” in the credits. This is very similar to Clint Eastwood’s name in Dollar Trilogy “The Man With No Name”.

4/7 | Clint Eastwood Role Grave

As Clint Eastwood is quite literally the face of westerns it only seems fitting for him to pop up more than once throughout Red Dead Online. If you travel to Coot’s Chape near Armadillo, you’ll find a mystery grave that reads “Cowboy”.

Underneath this, there’s a title of “Cowboy of no-name” with a date stating their death happened in 1897, the year before Red Dead Online is based. Maybe the Man With No Name made an appearance in Armadillo.

3/7 | Serial Killer’s Revolver

You can obtain serial killer Edmund Lowry’s revolver, covered in blood with “YOU’RE NEXT” written on the barrel. Unlocking this revolver requires that you solve a mystery in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Solving the mystery and killing 50 NPCs in GTA Online will unlock the revolver in Red Dead Online. You’re able to purchase a normal Navy Revolver but, none would have been owned by a psychopath so it’s up to you.

2/7 | Crashed Airship Near Armadillo 

This airship can be found in the desert of New Austin, located north of the Odd Fellow’s Rest cemetery. The airship is a reference to the first Red Dead Redemption, with a name found on the ship’s tale; Charles Kinner.

You come across Charles in Mexico trying to make a flying ship he asks you to gather some supplies for him. After you complete collecting them Charles tests his airship and sadly crashes and dies.

1/7 | Ghost Buck

Once you make it to level 5 in the Naturalist role you can ask Harriet about vitalism. You are then able to find herbs named Harriet Officinalis, that can turn into animals for some time. The animals range from little rabbits to bucks. Use these herbs on a campfire and you’ll be in for a surprise.

Throwing them on to a campfire will cause a ghost buck to appear but you’ll only be able to see it by using your Dead Eye.

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