Warzone big bertha

Warzone Season 4 launched yesterday and a new vehicle “armoured Big Bertha” was added along with the unwanted return of an old exploit.

Season 4 added a new armoured cargo truck, yep in the infamous words of DJ Khaled, another one. Why this was added after the majority of the community expressing how overpowered the vehicle is especially in solos is questionable, to say the least. As if that wasn’t enough, it soon became apparent the truck could be used to turn invisible.

To give credit where credit is due, Raven Software removed the armoured Big Bertha from Warzone pretty quickly to stop this from happening.


Raven tweeted: “There’s still plenty of loot to find at the Satellites, It’s a fight to the death for the HARP and a free Loadout.”

Some players hope to never see the truck again as if the Big Bertha wasn’t strong enough already but with additional HP, a turret and the option to upgrade it with abilities like UAV, Trophy System and heavy armour; it also has a repair feature! All of these updates basically make it indestructible in solos even with launchers. The below video from YouTuber Fugglet shows just how strong the truck really is:

Would you prefer Warzone without the new armoured Big Bertha?

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