Raven has finally nerfed the ‘Big Bertha’ meta! This update saw a huge reduction in the total number of cargo trucks spawned to five from a range of 16 to 20 in solos.

Before this update went live players were using the 6×6 cargo truck in a rage-inducing/tactical fashion as seeing great success in what was dubbed the “Big Bertha meta”. The truck is basically a fortress on wheels and is big enough to give you awesome cover around the map and as well as soaking up a lot of damage.

The Big Bertha meta is very prominent in solos as players would jump right into one after parachuting from the chopper before getting a gun. The idea is to run over unsuspecting enemies and take their loot. This tactic works frustratingly well and even more so during the early game where players don’t have their loadout making the truck especially hard to destroy unless you come across an RPG or other explosives.

If many players are using this tactic the end circle gets very hectic with people rolling around in Big Berthas.

The current state of Warzone solos from CODWarzone

This bertha really took my emotions on a ride from CODWarzone

Raven explained the nerf: “Cargo Trucks are incredibly durable and provide ample cover from enemy fire – which makes them the optimal choice for map rotation,” Raven said.

“In Solos, players are not keen to unload a considerable amount of their resources into the removal of Cargo Trucks, which would often result in a significant number of them in final circles.

“The ensuing gameplay allowed players to skirt traditional engagements and created a crutch that put less of an emphasis on endgame positioning and gunplay. A substantial reduction in the number of cargo trucks in Solos will make whittling them down over the course of the game a feasible and attractive option given their considerably reduced map presence.”

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