A hot of the press leak for the spec of Sony’s PS5 PSVR2 virtual reality headset suggest this next-gen model is going to be extremely powerful and defecate on the original PSVR.

It may boast impressive high resolution, haptic feedback within the headset and inside out tracking which has all been said by “reliable sources” when speaking to Upload VR.

Taking a deeper look into the resolution, rumoured to be 4000 x 2040 pixels (2000 x 2040 per eye), an incredible improvement over the original PSVR which sits at 1080p with 960 x 1080 resolution. The increased resolution would put it ahead of the Oculus Quest 2 and slightly behind the best in the market HP Reverb G2.

The source also shares that the headset will have a dial to change lens separation dial for easy interpupillary distance IPD (the distance between your pupils) changes. There’s also foveated rendering which only enhances the portion of the screen which is being looked at.

A weighted motor in the headset would provide haptic feedback, we are hoping the strength of the vibration isn’t too extreme as we don’t really want our heads shaking the VR headset out of position.

The PSVR2 is said to be connected to the front of the PS5 via a simple USB-C connection while onboard cameras will be used for ease of set-up.

In short here are the specs we know so far:

  • 4.1MP (2,000 × 2,040) per-eye resolution
  • IPD adjustment dial
  • Eye-tracking capable of foveated rendering
  • USB-C tether to PS5
  • Inside-out tracking
  • Head-mounted haptics

Will you be buying the new PSVR2 upon release sometime after 2021?

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