A group of hackers have claimed to have decrypted the PS5 allowing them to jailbreak it and make significant changes to the console. 

Hacking group ‘FailOverflow’ that managed to find their way into the PS3 several years ago recently posted on Twitter the acclaimed PS5 ‘Root Keys’ – for none hackers, these are taken they can use to decrypt files. With these keys users can attempt to reverse-engineer the software, implementing exploits and allowing unauthorized code to run on the system. 

During the weekend another incident happened which saw Sony hacker, Andy Nguyen suggests he’d accessed the debug settings on a retail PS5, these setting should only be accessible to developers. He said he has “no plans” to share his method. 

Similar to FailOverflow who also haven’t explained their working either, but they do state it won’t be easy for Sony to close the flaw in their system. One Twitter user asked if Sony can rotate the ‘root keys’ easily to which the group simply replied ‘No’.

While this news is pretty big it doesn’t mean the PS5 has been completely broken open. It’s possible Sony will catch wind of this and make changes ASAP. If this isn’t the case though then we believe it will result in the PS5 being fully broken open which could cause HUGE issues down the line. 

If this is true, would you jailbreak your PS5?

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