As Warzone Season 3 draws closer and closer, players have discovered a new terrifying method of toying with the enemy… turning into zombies.

Players will notice two areas located at the southeast end of Verdansk, Prison and Shipwreck are now highlighted with a nuclear waste symbol. You are able to see a green gas cloud surrounding the areas. If you die naturally (without being shot) while in these gaseous areas you’ll respawn immediately as a zombie.

Zombies were introduced into Warzone battle royale back in February which specific areas spawning zombies randomly that could be killed for extra loot. This is however, the first time players have been able to choose to be able to turn into zombies.

Why would you want to become a zombie? Well, you can jump ridiculously far at an impressive pace, you have a gas grenade that damages players in the cloud and an EMP shockwave which will wreak havoc with enemies electronics and radar.

The abilities are showcased below:

One major drawback is how weak you’ll be as a zombie and you’re likely to get gunned down if you don’t play the situation correctly. Your turn in the gulag is also removed so the only way you’re able to come back is by being brought back by a teammate.

You’re only able to turn into a zombie in duos and quads. Tactically speaking, you could use a zombie as a type of recon perk as you have insane speed, manoeuvrability and your radar also highlight enemies. So if you see a zombie we’d recommend keeping an eye out for human teammates who may not be that far behind.

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