The team behind the UK based NFT game ‘Planet-Sol’ create incredible looking art and are building a hyper-engaged community with an incredible roadmap to keep members invested in their project.

They “didn’t want to create another collection of Dolphins wearing top hats with lasers shooting out of their eyes”. Instead, they want to offer a unique experience with a variety of unseen species which can be nurtured from hatching; trained to increase battle stats and evolve into bigger, better creatures. Once you’re ready, take them into battle to become the ultimate Planet-Sol warrior to earn huge crypto prizes weekly.

There will be a total of 4321 mintable NFTs that will be released incrementally. Each creature will be created from a multitude of unique attributes and traits varying in rarities. As if this isn’t enough, each and every Planet-Sol creature will be completely and provably unique.

The 4 species are below

The story of Planet-Sol

“Residing at the heart of its spiral galaxy, ‘Sol-two 4’ was a thriving planet blessed with abundant solar energy.

Species from the far reaches of the galaxy found ways to occupy astronomical bodies as methods of travel in search of refuge on the host planet.

However, just at the peak of prosperity, an unforeseen galactic collision brought forth a devastating total solar eclipse. Thus, a planet previously touted as a paradise among stars was subject to the harshest conditions imaginable.

With the eventual return of the sun, hope would’ve returned, but such an unnatural reliance had its costs.

By then, the species had long burned through their precious resources.

To preserve their existence, they laid eggs that remained in hibernation for centuries.

With the returning heat, the eggs began to hatch. Countless species have and will continue to engage in an endless struggle over scarce resources. Like their predecessors, they too may perish in an unavoidable fight for survival.”

The team behind Planet-Sol

“We’re a group of friends from high school who all went down separate paths into professional developer careers. We’ve been investing in crypto for close to 5 years before NFTs started blowing up. We heard about NFTs through a mutual friend, once we knew what NFTs were we became obsessed with the concept. We decided to start our own NFT project with development as the main focus, unlike the conventional art-focused projects which eventually hit a brick wall. Our project is pokemon inspired due to our love for the game when we were younger, we also believe this gives us the chance to include a lot of utility which is something we believed was important from day one.” Luke Rayner, Lead Developer.

For more information including their incredible roadmap check out their website – and join the Planet-Sol NFT community here –

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