The latest Pacific Calderia Warzone map trailer may hint you’re able to climb rocks, which up until now has been basically impossible.

The Season 1 trailer gives us a look at new parts of the map, Caldera. Much to fans excitement, the trailer may have hinted at the ability to climb rocks which have been an extremely frustrating experience in Verdansk.

Anyone who has played their fair share of Warzone will understand the infuriating tasks of almost reaching the top of a rock face to then end up falling back to the bottom. It’s most triggering when you’re trying to reposition quickly to get an advantage on enemies or evading the gas.

It’s little things like this that make the Warzone experience less smooth but the latest Pacific trailer may show an improvement to scaling the map mountainous terrain.

Warzone is on the cusp of many changes come December 8th with the new map and the integration of Vanguard bring a whole bunch of WWII loadout changes and weapons.

It’s safe to say players have been waiting for an entirely new map for quite some time and it’s definitely a much need change to help spice up the Warzone experience.

In the trailer, you can hear the narrator say “survey the land from above by climbing natural rock formations.” Whether this means all of the rock formations or just a select few is unknown but either way we’re so HYPD about this change!

Some fans are sold though: “Maybe climb (walk) up things like that rock arch, but no way we’re scaling rock faces.”

Do you think you’ll be able to climb rocks on the new Pacific map?

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