Rumours around the official launch date of the old school throwback arcade bar first started circulating back in March. At this time NQ64 had already expanded into Liverpool, Birmingham and Edinburgh over the previous two years.

Recently, owners have shared the first images of the NQ64 Manchester V2 which is taking over the old Club LIV site right next door to Albert’s Schloss.

This new nostalgic NQ64 venue in Peter Street is a ‘levelled up’ version of the original which has been attracting gamers in the North Quater since 2019.

The new venue will contain all the NQ64 bar classics like neon lighting, retro art, classic consoles etc. It’s said the site will also have a larger bar area, increased seating area and a whole host of new arcade machines.

Along with the classics Pac-Man, Time Crisis 2 and Guitar Hero, there will be new additions of Mario Kart, Time Crisis 3 and NBA Jam among others.

The new site will be utilising the same token system where players swap money for game tokens to play arcade machines while the retro consoles are all free to play.

NQ64 Peter Street is set to open its doors to the public on 21st June from 7pm. The first 50 to arrive on the Monday and Tuesday of the opening week will receive free drinks and merch.

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