Ant-Man is the latest addition to the Marvel x Fornite crossover, the skin comes with Toothpick with Olive pickaxe and Ant-Tonio back bling.

How many crossover skins are in Fortnite so far? A lot to say the least but, we don’t mind them, it helps to keep the game fresh and there’s a high chance there will be a skin for your favourite superhero. If they happen to be Ant-Man then you’re in luck!

Ant-Man’s appearance shouldn’t be that much of a surprise for the eagle-eyed fans. Throughout various teasers of Marvel characters, Ant-Man can be seen hidden within.

Can you spot Ant-Man?

Last year, Fortnite dedicated an entire season to Marvel’s superheroes in a bid to join forces and defeat the devious titan Galactus.

Before you buy the Ant-Man skin bundle check out some gameplay

Among superhero’s other non-marvel characters which have been added include Ripley and the Xenomorph from Alien, T-800 and Sarah Connor from Terminator, Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Master Chief from Halo and many more!

Epic Games recently announced a brand new comic book cross-over with Batman from the DC Universe. The comic series is six issues long and sees the Dark Knight get consumed by the Zero Point and solve mysteries throughout the Fortnite world. Two new skins are expected to land Armored Batman Zero and a Harley Quinn “rebirth”

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