NetherRealm, Mortal Kombat developers are no stranger to superheroes, after all, they’re owned by Warner Bros. They have been working on Injustice for years now, a DC Comics fighting franchise. Because of this, some people may find it surprising that they’re rumours speculating their next venture will be into a Marvel fighting game.

While this wouldn’t be the first time Marvel has made it into a fighting game with the likes of Marvel vs Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite which was a bit disappointing. Warner Bros and Disney are thought of as competitors, TT Games in the past has licensed both Star Wars and Marvel lego games.

Keeping this in mind the source is a little shaky. Daniel Richtman who’s a movie and comic book snoop is the one who claims this to be true. He believes this game is in development for PlayStation 5 only as there’s no mention of PS4 in the slightest. Which wouldn’t be out of the norm for NetherRealm Studios as Mortal Kombat X was originally for the PS3 but they decided to focus on the most recent hardware at the time, removing cross-gen release.

While you may think this claim is plucked out of thin air boss Ed Boon when asked about making a potential Marvel game during an interview with Game Informer a couple of years ago he admits that talks had taken place. He also said “I probably shouldn’t talk about it” when poked for more information. We know this isn’t enough information to solidify the claim but, there could be some element of truth to the story.

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