Data miners who have been looking into the files of Fortnites 16.10 update have found new skins and cosmetic items including, an Anime bundle, and some Friday Nights at Freddy’s Easter skins.

The main addition to the island in update 16.10 are Raptors and a brand new “Junk Gun”. Along with these two, as always, we can expect a whole bunch of skins and cosmetics.

Even though there are skins players can unlock via the Battle Pass, those that are exclusive to the store are normally much better.

Lexa was a fan favourite in the Season 5 Battle Pass, Epic Games have decided to add an Anime Legends bundle.

As you can imagine all the skins in this bundle will be designed in an Anime style. You’ll have the choice of three separate characters all with changeable style options. Data miners are yet to discover the names of these characters.


For the Easter Spring Breakout event, the Easter chicks have received a Friday Night at Freddy’s style makeover. The classic yellow ducks we see every year will be replaced by well, let’s just say if you like horror you’ll love them.

Other Leaked Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics




Qwick Quack

Cyber Infiltration Pack

Sun Soldiers Bundle

Hush Bundle

Stormlight Bundle













Which of these are you most excited about?

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