The “clever girls” over at Universal seem to have teased a new Jurassic World video game that has been in the works for around 65 million years. We’re sure just like us you’re also waiting with bated breath for the last instalment of the trilogy Jurassic Park: Dominion which looks like it’s going to be released in 2022.

New Jurassic Park Video Game?

The above tweet posted from the official Jurassic Park account seems to tease a new video game. The image shows a dinosaur lurking in the dense forest and we can’t tell if it’s a T-Rex or a Velociraptor but we know we’d hate to find either! While some people won’t agree that it’s a video game tease the image does look as if it’s been created using video game graphics. While this probably isn’t enough to go off still, Jurassic World: The Game official Twitter Account replied with 3 side-eye emojis which turned us into believers.

This tease has come just before Jeff Goldblum is set to appear at Summer Game Fest which starts on 10th June. He’s a worldwide superstar but we believe he’s best known for his appearance in Jurassic Park as Dr Ian Malcom.

Some people are tweeting suggestions to what the game should be like and we hope it will be like an open-world AAA but it could quite literally be anything. What type of game would you like it to be?

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