Respawn games are still working on a Star Wars game according to the latest job post sent out by Titanfall Studio. They express the need for an experienced Producer to work with them on Star Wars!

If you have or haven’t played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order you most certainly have heard about it. If you haven’t played we highly recommend you do. It was a massive hit with critics and fans leaving publisher Electronic Arts extremely happy. Any game which has such hype surrounding it is very likely to have a sequel and Star Wars: Fallen Order 2 has now been all but confirmed by the recent job listing.

Respawn senior producer Blair Brown confirmed the team are officially looking for a new member over on Twitter. The description doesn’t exactly specify “Jedi: Fallen Order 2” but being that Fallen Order has been the only title Respawn has worked on we think it’s safe to assume so.

Ubisoft is working on a new open-world Star Wars game and we believe DICE will be handling any future Battlefront titles, it would make sense that EA stuck to their guns and continued the story of Jedi outcast Cal Kestis.

Not wanting to spoil anything the ending of Fallen Order left a massive opportunity for a sequel plus the huge amount of money EA brought in from the game they would be crazy not to create a sequel.

Some sources say the launch date is in Autumn 2022, so, unfortunately, we have a while to wait yet.

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