The new Call of Duty timeline and title has been leaked online, if true players will take a trip back to the 1950s during the Korean War. As always this is a leak and should be treated as one!

Online leak speculates that the 2021 instalment of Call of Duty might be set in the 1950s during the Korean War titled Guerilla Warfare. Interestingly, the leak came from notably reliable Call of Duty source that specialises in all news/leaks for COD. Usually, around this time we do start to hear rumblings of the upcoming COD yearly release.

Activision has always been successful with their Call of Duty games, minus Infinity Warfare, we’re sure you’ll agree. We could list them all but we’d just be telling you things you already know.

Whilst the leak above is just that, ‘a leak’, upcoming information from this source have been true before. No official statement has been made from Activision and we can’t imagine that they will release one for some time, never the less, we’ll be waiting with bated breath.

The Call of Duty fanbase is always eager to see what the next release holds and how the gameplay will differ from the current instalment. However, this year is a first for the COD franchise with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare bringing out Warzone which has bridged the gap between COD:MW and Call of Duty: Cold War. We’re curious about how the famous battle royale will manage to keep free whilst new games are being released. One of the most attractive things about Warzone is that it’s free to play and is now one of the Top 3 BR’s being played today.

One thing we can all agree on the huge amount of glitches, exploits, weapon imbalances and hackers that seem to crop up every few weeks. The way Activision is integrating two different Call of Duty games is a fantastic way to keep the game fresh and appealing to those who are new to the battle royale world. They have also teased crossovers with other games under their umbrella such as Warcraft, Overwatch, and Diablo. 

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