So here we are again, another Call of Duty leak but this time, you won’t want to miss it. The new 1980s themed Verdansk Warzone map has gone live hours earlier than reported.

As we all probably know by now, Season 2 went out with a bang, Verdansk was nuked to rid the zombie infestation and the new map wasn’t meant to go live until later this evening (22nd April). Up until then, players were only supposed to be able to play rebirth while Verdansk is in ruins.

Details of the new map have been leaked a few times but now several players have been able to briefly jump into a game on the new map and go exploring new landmarks and points of interest. Streamer Bartonologist was one of the many players who’ve managed to drop into the new map before this feature was disabled by Activision. Unfortunately for them, the videos are already live.

Check out Bartonologist’s video showcasing the new map below.

There are a few key changes that we noticed immediately. To start, you leap from a chopper, not a plane and landmarks seem to be in much better condition than they were before, less war-torn.

There’s a massive satellite/radar station referred to as Array, Quarry has been replaced by Salt Mine and an aqueduct is where Dam used to be.

Those who missed out can still expect the new 1980s Verdansk to go live later today.

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