Season 9 of Apex Legends is right around the corner and as always, we’re getting a new character joining the party. While anything hasn’t been officially released leaks from reliable sources have been shared.

Leaks regarding new Legends have been rife in the Apex community with some being correct like Loba and Crypto while others either haven’t been released or scrapped. It’s common for the developers to scrap certain ideas during the development stages and nothing should be taken as the truth until officially announced.

Who will be the new Apex Legends character?

All fingers are pointing towards Valk, which you old school players may remember from Season 2, she was leaked multiple times as an in-development character.

Now is believed to be her time in the spotlight for Season 9, the below-leaked image shows the in-game legend.

Chad Grenier said in an interview translated from Japanese: “I mentioned a little about Season 9, but the legend in Season 9 I hope will be liked in Japan.” This leads us to believe Valk maybe possibly be Japanese.

What are Valk’s abilities?

As this is a leak we don’t know if the following is official but it is reported that they are:

  • Tactical – Cluster Missle: Launch a rocket that explodes multiple times
  • Passive – VTOL Jets: Hold jump to use these jets to hover in the air
  • Ultimate – Skyward: Press to prepare for launch. Teams can interact with Valk and join the launch. Press again to be thrown into the air and skydive

Valk’s nickname is said to be ‘Soaring Aviator’.

Valk’s legendary skins

Biast12, a reliable data miner shared the following skin names:

  • Valhalla Descent
  • Aerial Support
  • Warrior’s Justice
  • Choke Uplift

This is all we know about the potential Season 9 legend thus far but, we can expect to see in-game teasers before the season starts on 4th May 2021.

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