A huge new leak has uncovered 8 more operators landing in Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone in upcoming updates. 

Vanguard has been out for a few days and players are grinding to unlock all the operators.

However, many players once they’ve unlocked them all they quickly get tired of using the same ones over and over. Luckily for them, it looks like there will be more on the way. 

A new leak suggests 8 new upcoming operators landing in Warzone and Vanguard soon.

Renowned and reliable Call of duty data miner ZestyCODLeaks has shared the names of the 8 upcoming operators for Warzone and Vanguard. Including 3 we saw in the beta, and 5 more never seen before. 

The list of the data mined operators are:

  • Anna
  • Francis
  • Gustavo
  • Lewis
  • Thomas
  • Isabella (Beta)
  • Liu (Beta)
  • Ramon (Beta)

We aren’t sure exactly when these operators will be released but we do know that Vanguard Season 1 will launch alongside the new Warzone map, Pacific Caldera.

If the operator release frequency is the same as Cold War we can expect to see around 3 new operators per Season, so we can imagine we’ll start to see some of the above operators in the game relatively soon. 


While players will always buzz over new operators Sledgehammer Games have bigger things to worry about at the moment with some major issues happening in-game. Many players are experiencing poor connectivity, packet burst and there are complaints about spawns and terrible audio issues.

As if that wasn’t enough, players also hate the new green Dark Aether camo in Vanguard, is it even worth unlocking?

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