Fortnite season 5 could be the craziest one yet, season 4’s theme was marvel which it understandable considering Fortnites younger demographic. This season, however, has been flipped on its head! The “hunters” theme is definitely in full swing with a variety of wild and somewhat controversial skins.

Do you remember the xenomorph from Alien? No? You may be too young to be allowed to watch it. A xenomorph is an extraterrestrial species that bleeds acid, has a mouth within a mouth and the ability to impregnate living hosts to multiply. Oh, and they’re around 9ft tall…

fortnite xenomorph

Data minter ShiinaBR has discovered sounds effects along with a new portal image of the Fortnite xenomorph that seems like they’ve been ripped straight from the movie.

For those who don’t know, these are the sounds a xenomorph make just before they attack.

Other data miners have previously speculated that the skin will be male and considering they’re all male apart from the giant Queen quite similar to honey bees but, 10000x more fierce. An “extra large” skin file has been found recently which suggest this skin will stand taller than others.

Another big clue is a text document named “space banana” in a document that was sent out to big YouTubers like Ali-A. We aren’t sure what this means exactly but could it be the hitbox code? Will the xenomorph have a similar hitbox to Peely?

Either way, we think it’s an odd but pretty cool skin for nostalgic reasons. Will you be splashing out the V-Bucks for this Fortnite xenomorph?

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