A recent hot off the press Fortnite Family Guy leak has been found amongst the Street Fighter cosmetics. From Marvel to God of War to Star Wars and the NFL, it seems Epic will never stop crossovers and we’re fine with that. As the new leak suggests we will be seeing the one and only Peter Griffin in the Fortnite store if it turns out to be true of course.

This crossover is different from the others, Family Guy not being a show for children and Fortnite’s player base being predominantly children, it seems a little odd. The show now isn’t as popular as it was back in the mid-2000s; could this be a way to get help increase views? Possibly but, Family Guy is coming to Fortnite, so everyone’s a winner.

The leak itself was found by @HYPEX in a recent data mining effort however, we yet to see the completed artwork but this was found within the Street Fighter Cosmetics.

There are only two reasons as to why the above file was found. First, the leak is true and Peter Griffin is coming to Fortnite or, an Epic staff member is trolling dataminers and fans for a bit of fun. As of yet, Epic Games haven’t acknowledged anything to do with this rumour. We certainly hope it’s true and we see both Peter and Ernie who have an interactive emote. 

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