With the much-anticipated start to Season 2 landing on 24th Feb Warzone players are searching for content around what changes this will bring to the battle royale. We have a phrase that may strike fear into some of you “fully automatic akimbo pistols with an 80 round mag”. We are facepalming while creating this blog…

Officially they are being released at the start of Season 2 but, you can unlock them beforehand with a little bit of time and patience.

How to unlock the Sykov Pistol

YouTuber JGOD has made a video explaining the damage numbers and how to unlock it ahead of the ‘official’ release date.

  1. Finish 5 matches with 4 pistol kills, completing the challenge
  2. Go to the Warzone menu and you’ll see a flashing green square in the top right of the screen indicating whether the weapon has been unlocked
  3. If it isn’t there, switch to co-op menu in MW and start a private survival match
  4. During the game go to the buy station and scroll to the bottom of the pistols category and check your progress. If it worked, the flashing green square should appear.

That’s all you have to do, sounds simple enough right? Some of the attachments include akimbo, 80-round mag and full-auto barrel. Is it just us who thinks there’s going to be a BIG issue with the Sykov?


Many players who’ve already gotten their hands on the new pistol and tested it out in plunder have labelled it “stupid broken”…

That’s all we know about the Sykov pistol so far but rest assured we will share more information with you about the gun once it’s officially released. If you get your hands on it early, let us know what you think!

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