Despite facing a decline in player numbers, primarily due to the controversy over requiring PSN account registration on computers, the developers of Helldivers 2 are steadfast in their commitment to releasing updates. These updates aim not only to introduce new content to attract both old and new players but also to enhance existing game elements.

Galactic Map Enhancements

One of the significant improvements on the horizon is the enhancement of information on the Galactic Map, as confirmed by Community Manager Twinbeard. The map, which is crucial for completing missions across the galaxy, will soon feature clearer details about supply lines, making communication and strategy easier among players.

Players have pointed out several issues with the current Galactic Map. The primary concern is the lack of critical information, such as which planets are connected and their supply lines, which complicates gameplay. Currently, this information is only accessible through third-party sites, which not all players have the time to study.

Additionally, there are other problems related to the lack of information on how liberation and defense are calculated. The unintuitive UI tends to hide some data from players while also confusing newcomers with its cluttered layout.

Fortunately, these complaints have been heard by the developers. Twinbeard mentioned on Discord that “more visible info on the gal map def. is in the works.” However, he did not provide details about how or when these changes will be implemented or what specific information will be included.

Communication Improvements

Arrowhead is also focused on facilitating better communication among players. In the same statement posted by Twinbeard on Discord, he mentioned that the company is “discussing various ways” to improve this aspect of the game.

Currently, if you are not on Arrowhead’s Discord or do not have a group of friends who play Helldivers 2, it is challenging to form a group to liberate planets across the galaxy. The game lacks a robust in-game system for forming groups, making coordinating players during missions difficult.

Playing without a microphone further increases these difficulties. Without one, players are limited to Helldivers 2’s ping system, which allows them to indicate some points of interest and threats on the map but is very limited compared to the capabilities of voice communication tools.

Until more details are revealed about when these highly anticipated updates will be rolled out, players will need to adapt to the current state of the game. However, the commitment from Arrowhead to listen to the community and improve Helldivers 2 is clear.

In addition to the Galactic Map enhancements and improved communication tools, what other improvements or new game modes would you like to see in Helldivers 2? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Arrowhead is listening, and your feedback could help shape the future of the game.

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