Halo Infinite may be getting a battle royale mode, according to files datamined during the recent technical test.


In and among test files, users found a voice recording by the in-game multiplayer announcer, Jeff Steitzer (via PCGamesN). Although, the recording is short Steitzer can be heard calling out ‘Battle Royale’, so it’s not hard to guess what developer 343 Industries may be planning.

However, even after hearing the clip, some fans aren’t convinced that this is solid enough evidence to confirm the last-player-standing mode.

Resetera users suggest that it could be an asset that the developers have recorded in case of future updates or even an option for custom games. Mircosoft and 343 Industries, as you would expect have remained silent on the issue, but that being said neither has ruled it out either.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed or denied we don’t think it would be a massive stretch for Halo to have a Battle Royale. Since battle royale’s started hitting the mainstream with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in 2017 many other franchises have adopted this formate with Fortnite and Warzone following closely behind. Halo may be a little behind the trend but it’s still feasible, the only thing we can see is that people will say it’s ‘not Halo’ if there was a battle royale. After all, Halo has been known for its close quarter’s arenas.

This being said, the battle royale news isn’t the only thing dataminers found within the technical flight. Some files have suggested that there will be single-player and co-op campaigns, but if you go searching there are leaks that give away the campaign in quite a lot of details. So be careful.

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