Warzone and Cold War Season 5 is just around the corner and is expected to bring a boatload of new content. Players will be able to get their hands on four new weapons which are said to launch with the season in this article we’ll explain how to unlock the marshal.

Details surrounding Season 5 have already been revealed and it has players buzzing over the new season. Especially because they’re bringing back a weapon from Black Ops 3.

The Marshal 16 was first added via DLC in BO3, but in Cold War and Warzone we’re going to see an older version.

It’s a double pistol that shoots out 12-gauge shells meaning it’s only lethal at close range (hopefully)…

How to unlock the Marshal

Activision has announced it will be free to all players but it will not be available via the Battle Pass.

Instead, you’ll need to complete an in-game challenge in either Warzone, Zombies or Multiplayer to acquire the base weapon. 

The exact challenge is yet to be released but we expect that players will have to do something with other pistols to unlock it.

Players will also be able to buy blueprint versions of the weapon when it appears in bundles in the store. So if you don’t want to grind the challenge you’ll be able to buy it at some point.

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