A new discovery found in Red Dead Redemption by content creator Strange Man may reveal GTA 6 main characters.

Rockstar is no stranger when it comes to easter eggs teasing upcoming titles in current games, there are many tips of the hat towards RDR2 in GTA 5. So this leads us to believe that there are hints to GTA 6 in RDR2 and one YouTuber named Strange Man may have found it…

In the video below he goes into great detail; there’s a letter between two characters in RDR2 that players never actually meet. One named Rodolfo and the other Blanco, I can hear you asking why the heck has this got to do with GTA 6. Well, it is rumoured to be based in Miami and Griselda ‘Blanco’ is a Colombian drug lord of the Medellin Cartel and has his fingers very much in the pie of the Miami cocaine trade between 1980s and early 2000s.

As always with leaks like this, you must take them with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed but that being said it is a very interesting find.

What do you think? Will Blanco and Rodolfo be two characters in GTA 6?

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