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We think it’s safe to say the GTA 6 rumour train never stops. Whether it’s a potential release date, general announcements or game content there’s always something to perk up the ears of GTA fans. The latest rumour doing the round is a detailed GTA map leak that shows one of the areas that players may be able to explore. Project Americas rumoured that it could be based in several cities across Latin America.

In early May a new GTA 6 map was leaked on 4chan and unsurprisingly made its way to Imgur and Reddit. The map does appear to build on the previous leak of the entire island and is certainly reminiscent of GTA V’s Los Santos in layout. From what we can make out it seems there are three towns in the image located in the northwest, northeast and southeast of the map. All of which are connected by bridges, a series of roads/highways with other smaller towns and forests scattered throughout.

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There are no distinguished landmarks as of yet but we can say for sure it isn’t GTA 4’s Liberty City or GTA 5’s Los Santos. It is rumoured that this map will be an expanded version of Vice City which is said to be the main setting. It seems this map is much smaller than Los Santos which leads us to believe the map may be made up of multiple islands.

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