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There’s no denying the fact that Batman’s history of crime-fighting is one to be marvelled at, from the early days of Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy to the most recent and perhaps most menacing Bane. Gotham was riddled with crime but now, it’s safe once again.

Since being reintroduced to Fortnite in April along with the slightly crazy Harley Quinn, Batmans new armoured skin isn’t the only thing Epic and DC are whipping up. The two mammoth developers created a comic book in true Batman style which shows the caped crusader in combat on the island.

The image above is where Batman took refuge, as you can see it’s quite the mess, we assume Alfred wasn’t invited. Since the comic has been released players have been hunting for this Bat Shack but to no avail, until now… (possibly)

Where can you find the Bat Cave in Fornite?

Those eagle-eyed players would’ve noticed the island found under the Flush Factory POI is growing and expanding out of the ground. The island known as Oroisle or Oro Island has nearly doubled in size making it a very peculiar new POI.

This is where leakers believe the Bat Shack is acting as Wayne Manor and as the comic suggests the Bat Cave sits underneath this rising island.

One problem we find with this theory is that the island is named after Orella, the female Oro skin and pays homage to her Golden Assult Rifle which when used unlocks the secret Lara Croft skin.

This being said we can’t imagine Epic will keep the location a secret for much longer whether is by their announcement or found by data miners.

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