This new Fortnite Season 6 leak is suggesting that a much-anticipated skin is finally coming to the item shop. It’s a skin that should excite OG players, especially those who played before Chapter 2 during Seasons 5 and 6. After digging through the files of a recent update, a prolific Fortnite data miner discovered an update to the ‘KevinCouture’ skin, which is a Cube-themed skin based on Kevin the Cube from Seasons 5,6 and X.

Data miner ‘Mang0e’ took to Twitter to reveal that Epic Games have made an update to the skins file adding ‘AirGlow’ material, whatever that might be.

Unfortunately, as of right now, we have no idea what the skin might look like. We do know it has been in the files for months and this update is the first in a while, which will come as great news to those who thought the skin was discarded.

We aren’t sure when the skin will land but we’re thinking it will be available in the Item Shop at some point in Season 6 or 7. In our opinion, we think the latter is more likely due to the theme of this season.

Epic Games are yet to acknowledge the claims which will come as no surprise and they never pay any mind to these leak claims.

What do you think the KevinCouture skin will look like?

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