It’s no secret that some players have been waiting a long time for Fortnite to crossover with Dragon Ball but now it’s here, not everyone can take the game seriously.

Not long after the update introduced the crossover, one player took to Reddit to ask a simple question, “how is this a real game”. The post was accompanied by an image in a pre-game lobby showing Goku about to head into battle with Rick Sanchez, Naruto and Darth Vader.

how is this a real game
byu/tomthedum ingaming

This isn’t the only comment been made about the seriousness of Fortnite. One tweet showed the oddness of Lebron James using the newly added Kamehameha against John Wick. While another clip showed Ariana Grande meeting a similar end against Rick Sanchez while sporting an Among Us crew member as back bling.

We’re a little confused as to why Dragon Ball is the tipping point for everyone as Fortnite is renowned for its crossovers. Thanos is a most notable one early on, but many other Marvel heroes have made it into the game, that’s not to mention DC, Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghostbusters the list is seemingly endless.

It must be the Kamehameha kills that are doing it for players as it’s such an iconic move seeing other characters pulling it off may be confusing to many. It’s not so much these players dislike the game now, it’s just that they aren’t able to take it seriously considering where Fortnite started and where it is now is understandable.

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