We previously created an article stating that when logging in for the first time since the Fortnite Season 6 update you’d have to complete a solo experience. Now we know much more since launch day yesterday. The title of the Chapter is officially called “Primal” which we think sounds pretty cool. What can you expect after completing the solo experience?


Weapon upgrades have changed with the addition of the Upgrade Bench, which users can trade resources for weapon upgrades.

Upgrade Benches we originally put in Fortnite but were quickly removed and replaced by upgrade NPCs which you trade gold bars in exchange for weapon upgrades. Now Fortnite has a proper crafting system, users can collect mechanical parts and bones to upgrade their weapons.


Fortnite Island is now a primitive place it makes sense that players will have to tap into their primal instincts to survive. Weapons are mainly “makeshift” pieced together with various parts which you can upgrade through crafting. Mechanical parts can be found by breaking down vehicles.


Bones, on the other hand, are found by hunting animals or if possible trading gold with certain NPCs in exchange for four bones. With the release of this hunting mechanic, the battle royale game has introduced a bow. This can be upgraded to have explosive tips which you should know are very different from the Boom Bow.

Meat and Bones

As we mentioned earlier in the article bones are used for upgrading weapons but what about meat? This new addition is something players can use to tame wolves, which are another addition by Fortnite.

Epic has also teased wild boars being added on the official Fortnite website. Another animal added to the island are chickens which can be used as bait to lure predators in. Epic shared that there will be more ferocious predators landing soon but it seems that we’ll have to wait for the next update.

New POIs

You have likely already noticed that the Fortnite map has been redesigned with primitive buildings/structures, there’s a massive spire in the middle and it seems to be autumn in the center.

Many map locations have remained the same but there’s also been three new Points of Interest (POIs): The Spire, Colossal Corps and Boney Burbs. As with previous seasons, these locations will be greyed out on your map and you’ll have to visit them to reveal. 

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