Fortnite fans are certainly very eager to find leaks and information ahead of ‘official release’ and there aren’t many that manage to slip by. Instead of trying to combat this, Epic Games often plant hints and clues to manage the amount of hype for the majority of new additions to the battle royale. At least, this is the case for the prehistoric dinosaurs. Normally a file found by a data-miner would be the only clue to go on but not this time! There have been official teasers and in-game clues to accompany the data-mined leaks so we believe there’s a 95% chance Dinosaurs will be coming to Fortnite. The most conclusive evidence comes from Epic themselves. In the Season 6 primer article they stated “the most fearsome predators are yet to hatch.” This snippet is taken from a paragraph talking about the predators that already roam the island. They say “yet to hatch” which refers to so some sort of eggs, there hasn’t been an official statement stating they’re dinosaur eggs, you can find the nest just east of The Spire.

More clues supporting dinosaurs coming to Fortnite

These clues can be found at the remains of Colossal Coliseum, now named Colossal Crops. The above painting on the walls of the largest structure depict humans fighting against Velociraptors. We have speculated that dinosaurs will be coming to Fortnite for a little while now. The cages found in Stealthy Stronghold are almost identical to those from Jurassic Park. You could also say that the whole POI looks familiar. Data-miner FortTroy further supported these claims when finding evidence in the game’s code which you can see below. We don’t know how many different types of dinosaurs are coming to Fortnite but it’s safe to say Velociraptors are on the cards. With Fortnite being no stranger to crossovers a Jurassic Park theme crossover is 100% plausible and there’s no better theme to pair it with. Reports suggest they are tameable, meaning players will be able to take them as allies and ride them into the battle. Another data-miner iFireMonkey shared the below on Twitter.
Would you like to see this crossover happen?

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