Please note as with every leak these are not all 100% confirmed! Fortnite skin leaks are found using multiple methods, but most of the time they’re found via datamines. However, sometimes the creators can let them slip in trailers and upcoming trailers.

While most of the below are likely to hit the stores at some point in the future there are some which require you to complete certain challenges to unlock. Most skins datamined tend to hit the stores after 7-14 days, but some are kept in the locker for potential use in the future. We wonder how many skins are in Epic’s locker and will we ever see them all?

Fortnite skin leaks



Ruby Shadows

Dark Skully



Marauder Heaver



Brilliant Bomber

Wake Rider


These skins and cosmetics are not confirmed or officially found in files. Normally leaks are found by guessing file names of skins, injecting the cosmetics into the game and they can sometimes be found in Fortnite promotions.

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