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The biggest worry for Activision right now is how to retain their massive player base as the global pandemic restrictions begin to ease and gamers will be putting down their controllers and picking up a pint, heading to the park or working out at the gym. What better way to persuade gamers to stay in their chairs for hours upon hours than rolling out an extensive Warzone update with awesome content and familiar faces?

Everything you need to know about Warzone Reloaded update

New Warzone POIs

CIA Outpost

An Aircraft hanger in the Military Base has now been transformed into a secret CIA facility.

Nakatomi Plaza

Perhaps the most iconic action movie building has now been added as a huge POI and can be found where the Broadcast Tower was in Downtown.

Survival Camps

Ten of these camps have been added to Verdansk and while they offer no interaction features they do provide cover in open areas of the map which will come in useful towards the end circle.

Warzone side events

As some massive hard-hitting star operators have been added to the game both Warzone and Cold War players will be able to complete gruelling challenges to unlock charms, stickers, weapon blueprints and more.

80s Action Hero Bundles

As previous leaks suggested two massive action heroes will be added and here is what their bundles will include:

John McClane Operator Bundle

  • John McClane Operator
  • Finishing Move
  • Legendary Tactical Rifle Blueprint
  • 2 Legendary SMG Blueprints
  • Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Legendary Emblem
  • Epic Watch
  • Epic Weapon Charm
  • Available May 20th – June 19th (Black Ops Cold War And Warzone)

Rambo Operator Bundle

  • John Rambo Operator
  • 2 Finishing Moves
  • Legendary Assault Rifle Blueprint
  • Legendary LMG Blueprint
  • Legendary Knife Blueprint
  • Legendary Calling Card
  • Legendary Emblem
  • Epic Watch
  • Epic Charm

New Weapons

Baseball Bat

There’s not much to say about this one, it is exactly what you’d expect, a baseball bat. It will certainly appeal to those who are baseball fans but also those who want to embrace their inner hooligan.


So after the outrageous Sykov Pistols you’d have thought Activision would’ve hung up their creative hats when it comes to designing automatic pistols but it seems as if they want to give them another try. However, this time it seems the AMP63 will be a more balanced secondary but we’ll have to see it to believe it.

Ballistic Knife

First added into Black Ops Cold War the ballistic knife has now been added to the Warzone. Super fun to use but equally as hard to master, you can definitely expect to see this in the gulag.

New Multiplayer Maps


Looking as stunning and rustic as we remember it has the same feel as before but with a little bit extra somethin, somethin.

Duga (multi-team) 

A new addition to the brand new 30 player multi-team game mode. The map will host 3 teams of 10 in a small battle royale typesetting within Cold War.

Update Sizes

Black Ops Cold War Update

  • Xbox One – 8.3 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – 13.1 GB
  • PlayStation 4 – 7.1 GB
  • PlayStation 5 – 10.3 GB
  • PC – 10.3 GB

Warzone Update

  • Xbox One – 15.2 GB
  • Xbox Series X/S – 15.2 GB
  • PlayStation 4 – 14.6 GB
  • PlayStation 5 – 14.6 GB
  • PC – 18.1 GB

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