Warzone Season 5 is just around the corner and we’ve collated everything you need to know from map changes to new weapons and rewards.

With Season 4 coming to an end and the launch of the new Warzone season on the horizon if you’re expecting something similar you could be in for a surprise.

Season 5 is said to be the last season in Black Ops Cold War era. Meaning it should be setting up what’s next install for Warzone, most likely the new Call of Duty game.

From a brand spanking new Battle Pass to potential map changes here’s everything you can expect in Warzone Season 5.

Warzone Season 5 Release Date

The Season 4 Battle Pass will expire on Monday, 9th August. So it’s safe to expect Season 5 to start immediately after. This may not be the case as Activision plan on releasing the biggest updates on Wednesdays meaning there’s a good chance the launch of Season 5 will be delayed until 11th August.

Map Changes

Season 4 didn’t really have any noteworthy map changes to Verdansk or Rebirth Island we’re expecting Season 5 to take things to the next level. It’s expected to be the last season before the launch of CoD Vanguard.

The majority of early leaks have implied that there will be an entirely new WWII-themed map. So can we expect Season 5 to set the scene for a transition to the new area?

New Weapons

As per with every season we can expect a new range of weapons. Throughout Season 4 Warzone saw a new SMG, AR, LMG, melee weapon and to spice things up, a nail gun. While we can expect more of the mentioned to appear we also think it’s safe to say the remaining classes will have new guns as well; Sniper Rifle, Tactical Rifle and Shotgun.

Early leaks suggest that a TEC-9 machine pistol is likely to make an appearance in Season 5 if the leaked cover art holds true making it the first time ever it’s appeared in a CoD title.

New Battle Pass

As per every seasonal update, a new Battle Pass will start. Players can expect the same 100-tiers of new content with operators, blueprints skins and more.

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