A young eight-year-old boy decided to sell off part of his Pokémon Trading Card collection in order to fund an otherwise unaffordable vets bill for the family puppy, Bruce.

(Photo: WCYB/Kimberly Woodruff)

As reported by Comicbook via News WYCB 5, Bryson Kilemann started to sell off his cards after hearing Bruce was diagnosed with parvo which is a gastrointestinal illness that when left untreated can be fatal for puppies.

The Kilemann family from a town called Lebanon in Virginia needed to pay a vet bill of around $700. Selflessly Bryson started selling his Pokémon cards on the side of the road to put towards the bill. His mother, Kimberly Woodruff then started a GoFundMe page with a target of $800 which in the end raised $1,900.

Bryson made $65 from his Pokémon sales in a single day and said to News WYCB 5: “I know everybody likes Pokémon cards so I just decided to sell them.” Of his sick dog, he said that he was “sad because usually my brother and sister play together, and I don’t have anybody to play with – so, I usually play with him.”

Being a selfless family all money left over from the successful GoFundMe campaign is going towards supporting other dogs in the area who also need treatment meaning Bryson was able to keep a lot of his beloved Pokémon cards. But you really have to respect the young guy who was happy to sell something clearly very special to him at the drop of a hat in other to help save their family puppy.

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