Riot Games one-year-old baby ‘Valorant’ has shown signs of being a child prodigy since its release with £2,514,346.79 awarded in prize money across all tournaments thus far.

Valorant took the PC community by storm in 2020 and is continuing to do so in 2021 but it’s yet to arrive on console. It seems that Riot Games don’t have their eyes set on consoles just yet as a new leak suggests a Mobile version is in the works with an announcement just a couple of months away. This leak is from renowned leaker PlayerIGN.

When can we expect Valorant Mobile to be released?

PlayerIGN suggests Valorant Mobile will “get an announcement in June/Summer” but “it may get delayed”.

The infamous leaker also suggests that “Mobile Valorant could even include a battle royale mode”. Although he said his “source” couldn’t 100% confirm this, it does look probable with the current competition in the market.

There’s been a distinct lack of teasing or official announcements from Riot Games on this subject but, they are willing to break the boundaries of games as they’ve recently announced Arcane, a League of Legends animated series.

Valorant Mobile is a leak and should be treated as such until official announcements have been made.

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