As if Warzone needs any more shade thrown its way with the prevalent hacking issue. Recently a fans investigation has revealed data suggesting that big streamers get easier lobbies than your average player. Now Warzone streamers who are put on the “whitelist” is the new topic of concern.

As you probably know, if you were to post a clip of a streamer popping off the majority of responses will read “bot lobby” or something similar. It’s a common theme with the fans who are convinced highly skilled players always get lobbies with noobs.

In the intersection between data analysts and COD players, one Redditor decided to analyze their lobbies data and compare it against stats of big-name streamers.

Surprisingly, the results are quite shocking. Redditor ‘Quaisy’ revealed their results but both posts have since been deleted, but this was after receiving thousands of upvotes and hundreds of comments.

Check out the video yourself below:

Soon after the Reddit post got deleted, Quaisy uploaded a video to YouTube of him diving into the data. He had some problematic lobbies and decided to compare their last 64 matches with the big names like Tfue and Aydan.

The data is interesting, to say the least. Quaisy has an above-average K/D of 1.75, which when compared to the pro’s with a 4-plus K/D is negligible.

Here’s where it gets interesting, only 4.7% of players in Quaisy’s games had an average K/D under 1.1, when compared to Tfue’s that figure rose to an incredible 65.6% of players with a K/D under 1.1. And his K/D is an insane 4.33!

One thing to note is that this data only takes their last 64 games into account so it has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Warzone developers are notoriously secretive about how their skill-based matchmaking (SBMM) actually works, rendering it impossible to figure out how the lobby skill is determined.

This being said we’re sure you’ll agree Quaisy’s findings do raise some very interesting points for discussion and has led the majority of the viewers to believe that Warzone streamers are on a “whitelist” so they can make better content and draw more players to the game.

What do you believe? Do you think streamers are “whitelisted? If they genuinely aren’t we believe Activision will have to intervene and explain how their SBMM actually works or people will believe this to be true.

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