VeeFriends Series 2 Compete and Collect

Ever since its inception, VeeFriends has been dedicated to offering unique opportunities and value to its community. In a recent move, VeeFriends introduced physical collectibles in the form of trading cards, blending nostalgia with the Web3 innovation that defines VeeFriends.

On the digital front, VeeFriends Series 1 debuted in May 2021 with 10,255 NFTs and 268 characters. Series 2 followed in April 2022, featuring 251 characters and 55,555 tokens. Now, VeeFriends cards are bringing the VeeFriends world to life in an exciting new way.

VeeFriends x zerocool Series 1 Premium Trading Cards

In March 2022, VeeFriends collaborated with zerocool for the first unveiling of trading cards. Sold in boxes of 10 premium cards, these showcased all 268 Series 1 characters in their original, hand-drawn form. The rarity of these cards mirrored the Series 1 NFT collection, making them highly sought-after.

VeeFriends Series 1

VeeFriends Series 2 “Compete and Collect” Trading Cards

Unveiled in April 2022, Series 2 trading cards were also a collaboration with zerocool. To acquire a box, collectors needed to be minters of a VeeFriends Series 2 NFT. Alternatively, the cards are available on secondary markets like eBay, Twitter, and Discord.

What’s Inside the Box?

Each box contains 52 random cards (13 packs with 4 cards each). The collector notes two key details: the character and the background colour.

  • Yellow: “Core” cards with a yellow background, the least rare.
  • Brown: “Rare” cards with a limited quantity of 500 per character.
  • Orange: “Very Rare” cards with a limited quantity of 100 per character.
  • Green: “Epics” cards with only 25 per character.

More Excitement!

For each of the 250 Series 2 characters, there are limited 1/1 “Spectacular” cards with six special foils. Collectors might find 1/1 Gary Vee hand-signed cards, original art inserts, and more.

Utility of the Cards

Beyond collectibles, the cards serve as game pieces for “Compete & Collect,” a two-player game. The cards’ scores, based on aura, skill, and stamina, determine the winner

Card Grading:

Collectors can have their cards graded by reputable companies, ensuring authenticity and potentially increasing their value.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the hobby, VeeFriends cards offer a unique and thrilling world of collectibles. It’s a fusion of joy, love for the game, and the chance to discover something rare and valuable within the VeeFriends community. The possibilities are endless! For further inquiries, reach out to @CGCCards on Instagram or Twitter.

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