Season One Call of Duty: Cold War update will land on Thursday 4th February and we can’t wait!

We don’t have a full list of patch notes but, we do have some amazing content to share with you.

First off, when can you expect the update to land?

  • 3rd Feb | 11PM PT
  • 4th Feb | 1AM CT | 2AM ET | 7AM UK | 8AM CEST | 6P, AEDT

Cold War Update Preview


This map will be available for all Cold War MP players. If you haven’t played this map before then you’re in for a treat! It’s regarded as one of the best maps on Black Ops II and it’s definitely one of our favourites.

Here’s a layout from Black Ops II so you can get familiar before jumping straight into it.

New Playlist Updates

To give players a chance to play the new map, there will be an Express 24/7 playlist where players will cycle through Team Deathmatch, Hardpoint, Domination and Kill Confirmed.

Double XP for both Cold War and Warzone from 5th February at 10AM PT until 8th February 10AM. Playstation players will have 24hrs early access.

There haven’t been any maps added to Prop Hunt since the playlist was introduced and now Treyarch has said they’ll be adding new maps to mix things up for the game mode.

40 Player Endurance Mode 

10 squads of 4 drop into Fireteam maps; Alpine, Ruka and Sanatorium to collect uranium whilst arming bombs throughout the game. There will be 5 bombs to choose from and this total remains the same after detonating one. So, after one bomb goes off another will appear on the map.

Also, the points to win has been increased x2 to 1000 from 500, which we’re super excited for as it will make completing challenges easier.

League Play

One of the, if not the most, requested game types in Cold War so far. It’s a ranked system which helps bring a competitive aspect to gamers of all levels. This mode follows the official competitive ruleset meaning everything the pros have access to, so will you. While we don’t know a definite date, Activision has confirmed it will be “in mid-season” which is anytime before 24th February.


The next instalment of the Dark Aether storyline along with a new perk “Tombstone” and a new map “Firebase Z”.

 We wish we could tell you the name of the new wonder weapon but unfortunately, we don’t know what it is yet. The new perk will turn you into a shadow when you’re downed allowing you to crawl around and explore the Dark Aether while trying to revive yourself. But, if you die in this form you die for good. Is it worth the risk?

Are you excited about the new Cold War update?

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