The COD Cold War trailer for Season 6 offers a sneak peek at three new weapons all of which will be added to Warzone.

Each new season trailer gives players a look at what they can expect in the coming weeks. Most of the trailers lean towards new features and developments but one thing most players are eager to look at are any new weapons that crop up.

Sometimes characters featured in the trailers are using guns that are already accessible but you may see a glimpse of some who aren’t.

However, it does look like some new weapons have already been assured in both Cold War and Warzone Season 6 and for long-time Call of Duty players, they are pretty exciting.

Warzone Season 6 Trailer

Towards the end of the trailer at 2:10, four soldiers can be seen carrying different guns and with a little bit of digging, you can figure out which guns they are and when they were introduced into the Call of Duty franchise.

From the trailer here are the guns that seem to be coming to Season 6 of Warzone and Cold War.

  • LAPA SM-03: While this hasn’t been seen in the COD franchise yet this lightweight SMG can be expected to excel in close range fights.
  • Lever Action: This weapon was a sniper in World War II and an assault rifle in Advanced Warfare so we’d expect this to be available in the Marksman Rifle class.
  • Galil: If you’re a Call of Duty fan you should know all about this weapon that’s featured in every Black Ops game so far.

Warzone Season 6 weapons

When and what order these weapons will be added is still unknown. However, if they follow previous releases then we can expect one at Battle Pass tier 15 and 31, and the other one to be unlocked via a series of challenges.

As Season 6 is the last before the release of Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Warzone integration it’s exciting to see how they’ll end the Cold War era. When this does happen we can expect to see a whole host of different weapons and for the game to look completely different.

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