The new season for COD Cold War and Warzone kicks off on Tuesday 7th September. Season 5 “Reloaded” will bring all-new content to both Zombie and multiplayer, including an event titled The Numbers – which pays homage to a classic Black Ops narrative theme with an appearance from the icon Judge Dredd.

And as Oktoberfest is coming up you can make your bullets look like beer, because why not?

In the COD Season 5 roadmap published yesterday Treyarch, Raven Software and Activision outline the upcoming season revealing the free and paid content you can expect to see over the next few months.

Including the updated version of the map Zoo released in OG Black Ops DLC and we’ll also see the return of Demolition to core Cold War multiplayer modes. Warzone will get a 50v50 TDM named Clash.

Clash info:

‘Building off Warzone Rumble, a deathmatch based in Verdansk, Clash takes select areas from this massive map and pits two teams of 50 v 50 against each other in an unlimited respawn fight to 500 points. Whether it’s Downtown, the Boneyard, or even the popular-drop zone of the Factory, your mission in these Clash areas remains the same: earn points by eliminating enemies and completing Contracts for in-match rewards and collect powerups from defeated enemies that give gaming-changing abilities.’

A new Warzone mode will also be added called Iron Trials ‘84 where players will have increased health, changed health regen, no free loadout drops, and tweaked Gulag rules. Developers are describing it as “the toughest Battle Royale mode to ever come to Verdansk”

Zombie players will be able to explore a new Outbreak region (Armada) plus a new world event.

The Numbers event starts on 21st September and during the event, you’ll be able to unlock the Sai melee weapon. You’ll also be able to use a Judge Dredd skin one in full colour the other in black and white – for operator Inog Beck. To complete the Judge Dredd look there are three weapon blueprints: Quick Judgement SMG, Arbitrator Rifle assault rifle and the Lawgiver pistol. You can also earn the “Incendiary” finisher, “Book of Law” charm, “Judge’s Watch” wrist accessory among other cosmetics.

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