Valve Games on Sale for Steam's 20th Anniversary

Some of you may find it surprising, but Steam has reached a significant milestone, celebrating its 20th anniversary since its launch on September 12, 2003. Steam, the renowned game launcher that is practically synonymous with PC gaming, is not only marking this remarkable achievement but is also extending an invitation to gamers worldwide by offering some substantial discounts on a wide array of games.

In commemoration of this milestone, Steam has unveiled a retrospective page on its front page. This retrospective page takes you on a journey through the launcher’s history, year by year, highlighting the platform’s key developments and showcasing the top games that have graced it. (Can you believe it has only been eight years since the introduction of game refunds? Also, let’s take a moment to remember the Steam Machine initiative.) While there may not be any actual cake, there’s certainly something sweet in store for gamers: the opportunity to acquire many popular games for as little as $1, and in some cases, even less.

Valve’s celebration of Steam’s 20th anniversary comes with significant discounts on their games, as is customary during Steam sales. This time around, some Valve games are priced even lower than before, with some titles dropping to mere pennies. For instance, Team Fortress is available for just 50 cents, while Half-Life 2: Episode One and Episode 2 can be acquired for a mere 79 cents each. Mega fan-favourites like Half-Life, Left4Dead, and Portal 2 are all priced at just $1. The entire Valve catalog is up for grabs at exceptionally affordable rates. While it’s true that the cheapest options belong to the older titles, these low prices make it easier for you to catch up on gaming history—or perhaps realise just how much time has passed since you first started gaming.

STEAM - 20 Years

In addition to Valve’s offerings, games from various other publishers are also available at rock-bottom prices. Just Cause 2, for example, can be yours for just under $4. The Assassin’s Creed series is on sale as well, with most titles discounted between 70 to 90 percent, including Origins for just $9 and Odyssey for $12. (Several DLCs are also on sale.) Simultaneously, the Call of Duty 20th anniversary sale is running, providing more options for gaming enthusiasts. Furthermore, you can grab Mass Effect Legendary Edition for a mere $12 as part of the EA sale.

So, whether you’re a long-time Steam user or new to the platform, this 20th-anniversary celebration offers an excellent opportunity to expand your game library without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals, and happy gaming!

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