Players have discovered a deadly door that instantly kills you in Warzone.

We first saw a clip from Redditor Rxelik who discovered a plain-looking door located in a warehouse in Salty Mines that instantly downs you the moment you touch it.

Yo, Raven This Door Kills You instantly Please Fix Lmao from CODWarzone

It’s not just a one time issue either there have been a few other players who have fallen victim to the deadly door since Season 4 went live last week.

The door seems innocuous enough, barred shut to show that it can’t be opened unlike many other doors in Verdansk. There’s nothing really special about it, so what on earth is going on?

Some players are speculating that it may be a bug to do with the new red door fast travel system which Raven added in Season 4. Several Red Doors can now be found at various locations throughout Verdansk which are portals to another location. It’s a quirky addition to the game and players are enjoying finding out where each one takes you.

Was the deadly door meant to be an exit for one of the portals that has just gone wrong? We don’t actually know but that is our best bet as we can’t see another reason as to why this door would randomly start killing players.

Raven hasn’t commented on the issue as of yet but as this is most likely a bug and not a feature we can imagine it will be fixed soon.

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