A Call of Duty: Warzone vigilante stepped up to track down and crack down ‘under-the-map cheaters’. Someone get this man a medal!

As per our earlier blog, Verdansk ’84 map has more glitches allowing players to get under the map giving them an unfair advantage, there’s also one spot where you’re able to get out from…

The bug is easy to perform and widely known so players are being killed by enemies they can’t see at multiple points of interest around the map, mainly Airport and Stadium.

Perhaps the most well-known method of glitching out of the map is by parking a vehicle beside a wall at certain points of the map. When exiting, the player is put through the wall into space that should be able to inaccessible. Players can then exit this space by entering the vehicle once again. You could say the door acts as a portal between in and out of bounds.

Reddit user JuuliusCaesar69 went full Peter Parker on two cheaters after spotting a dubious-looking vehicle parked against a wall. He decides he’s had enough and seizes the opportunity by hopping through the wall and gunning down the duo. But that’s not all, he then drives the vehicle off the map to ensure nobody else can use it. Absolute geezer!

I do a better job of policing this game than activision from CODWarzone

JuuliusCaesar69’s clip has gone viral on Reddit with 25.7k upvotes. He commented: “Haha I’m not going to lie it felt great. When I see that car heading that way I know what’s going on. These kids did it immediately off spawn too smh”

Imagine if the whole community joined forces to police the game, we shouldn’t have to but, something needs to be done. He claims he’s doing a better job at policing Warzone than Activision and according to the upvotes many people believe him.

It seems he’s not alone as others also share tips on how to tackle cheaters by blowing up any vehicle that is parked against a wall trapping them inside.

According to the below tweet, Raven Software has a fix coming soon but, until it arrives we aren’t holding our breath.

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