Raven Software, Call of Duty: Warzone developers have promised an ‘adjustment’ to the widely considered ‘pay-to-win’ Roze skin.

Even if you don’t play Warzone you have likely seen clips of players using the Roze skin to hide in dark corners becoming practically invisible to players to gain an unfair advantage.

The ‘Rook’ skin for Roze was released last year as a part of the premium Season 5 battle pass as a tier 100 unlock.

The main issue is that the skin is entirely black with no sort of reflective surfaces. Imagine trying to find a fully matte black object in a dark room, it’s quite literally impossible, even her eyes are surrounded by black facepaint.

Anyone who plays Warzone knows there are countless dark spots throughout Verdansk for Roze skins to hide in. As if solos wasn’t campy enough, this skin just adds a whole new dimension/rage-inducing element. Just like the below:

[deleted by user]
by inModernWarzone

100 Thieves Co-Owner CouRage tweeted Raven Software with a small list of changes to make the game better. Raven Software replied with a list of things they’re looking to change and an ‘adjustment to Roze’ was mentioned.

While we’re unsure what this ‘adjustment’ is going to be one Redditor had a suggestion we think the whole Roze loathing community would enjoy…

My suggested fix for the Roze skin. Just replace it with the original one.
byu/Krauzber inCODWarzone

Other changes mentioned were ‘a significant balance pass’ to Sykov pistols, FFAR 1, M16 and the AUG. All of which are very welcomed in our opinion but we’re yet to see what these changes are so they could make the weapons obsolete. Change to how you acquire the RC-XD and fix for MW weapon perks + sniper glint.

What Roze skin adjustments would you like to see?

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